About Us

About us

A little bit about our story

With a combined 80 years of retail and manufacturing experience and an educated understanding of the diversity of the market, the Vican team identified a huge gap in the Automotive Refinishing Market. Three years ago this powerful combination led to the establishment of Vican Manufacturing CC and has already established itself as one of the market leaders within each of the product segments it produces for.

We are fast becoming a specialist of choice in refinishing products. Our range of 2k’s, base-coats, QD’s, primers and accessories has given us a loyal client base throughout the country as well as the Sub Saharan African region. It is through our genuine commitment to providing customers with multiple quality products, fair affordable pricing and outstanding service that this tremendous growth and market penetration has occurred, crafting out a unique and popular market position.

Our Promise

To be committed to your satisfaction

We promise to provide you with a complete and comprehensive range of quality products at very competitive prices through excellent service and delivery and by continuing to be the point of reference for you our repairers who wish to achieve excellent results in the most simple and effective way.

Who We Are?

We listen, we discuss, we advise and then we develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies and customer feedback to create new and more paints for every need.

Quality Paints

We do this by producing a quality range of products at fair affordable prices under an umbrella of excellent service and delivery.

Conversion Rate

Many local and international customers have inquired about our products, with Vican coming away with an impressive 80% conversion rate.

Happy Clients

That's because our products were crafted with you in mind and therefore our paints have satisfied up to 99% of our customers.

Paint Market Share

Our national and SADEC Region distributors make us to one of the biggest automotive paint manufacturers and distributors.

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